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Our award winning honey is 100% natural. It is the unadulterated product of Carniolan Honey Bees and local villagers who harvest using traditions that have been practiced for centuries.

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It begins in the mountain meadows where our bees work and live. The pristine Leskovac region of Serbia provides a rare pesticide-free oasis where our bees can produce the purest honey.

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Deliciously Healthy

Our flowers, our bees and the harvesting methods we use allow you to taste the difference in every drop of our delicious honey. Reward yourself with a naturally healthy source of sweet energy.

Sourced naturally from mountain meadows and green fields. Benefit from our delicious and healthy honey.

We harvest a pure product, free from man-made contaminates which affect other honey farms that operate closer to cities. You can taste the delicious difference resulting from the rich soil and plant nutrients feeding the bees that make our honey.

Health Benefits

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Wildflower Honey, Meadow Honey, Acacia Honey and even Lime Honey. Full Product Guide available soon.

Our Wildflower and Meadow Honey is available in 500g and 750g jars for retail, or 10kg buckets for wholesale use. Stay tuned for new products such as a dark and rich Oak Honey, creamy Acacia Honey and refreshing Lime Honey!

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